Product Overview:

Understanding your options can really help obtaining the best product you can have. There are 3 printing methods we use, Digital UV printing, Screen printing and Offset printing. Each have their place and strengths & weaknesses.

With disc content, be it music, video or data you also have options, Duplication and Replication; again there are strengths and weaknesses. Your quantity will often dictate your choices. Our digital UV press produces the highest quality finish, compared to other short run options. The digital process creates very economical short run possibilities, and commonly used on CDRs/DVDRs and duplicated. Digital Printing and Duplication does get cheaper with the more you print, but not in the same way Replication and Screen/Offset printing does. Unless you particularly want CDRs/DVDRs, Replication will be the most economical on larger orders, though it does have a minimum of 500 discs to cover the complex set up process. If you intend to have large appeal and sell many discs, Replication is recommended.

Typically Replication is what is used in big budget projects, it starts with stamper creation (Glass Mastering) and Injection moulding from polycarbonate granules. These many setup processes all take time. In comparison to Digital UV printing & Duplication, which can open doors, giving you the opportunity to get your project produced for very small investment.

We do recommend if your looking at a DVD or music disc, try and replicate if you have the budget. There are still a small percentage of DVD and CD players that have trouble playing CDRs/DVDRs that have been duplicated.

Turnaround can sometimes make all the difference, Digital UV and Duplication can be done in 1 - 3 Days vs Replication & Screen/offset in 4-12 Days.


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