Let's sit down and have a chat

Let's see if we suit each other. We love new relationships and look forward to long term clients, getting to know your business well, becoming friends.

Alongside design for web or print, we offer advisory services, planning and project management. We can be your marketing department or an extension of it. We can help you with any or all aspects of your project from concept and design through to delivery.

We believe in doing what we love. Our job is a big part of that, so our people are creative and energetic. We work on achieving balance in our lives, which means you get quality work from us, and passionate fulfilled people, who are flexible and available to help with whatever you might need.

The Studio Q directors and key contacts are:

Liesl Trotter, Sales Director
David Trotter, Creative Director

Our team also includes other design, copy, web and production staff. Give us a call, lets see how we can help. Main office on 09 336 1096 or email, liesl@studioq.co.nz

Liesl Trotter, Sales

Drawing on 20 years of international and local advertising experience, Liesl knows and loves working with her clients. Liesl enjoys building long term relationships with her clients: helping them grow their business and making things easier for them is her primary goal. She will always go the extra mile for clients and strives for perfection. Liesl is especially experienced in and passionate about the marine industry.

David Trotter, Director

Dave combines his love of creative design and the finished product, with his passion for business. As our Creative Director he leads the team in all aspects, drawing on a grounded sense of design. He also works closely with all our teams; marketing, web development, print and creative studio with his vast technical knowledge and ability to see the big picture. He also particularly enjoys challenges and special projects.

Dave enjoys developing strong relationships with clients and makes a real effort to learn their businesses in detail. This insight helps him to find effective and well thought out advertising, creative, web or print solutions that can help clients grow.

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