for Mr Roberelli

Mr Roberelli is a fictional character born by a man who is not only a father of two girls, but also a school teacher. The Roberelli team incorporates the band, the artists (the daughters), and the marketing team. The Roberelli team has a strong philosophy on children’s music. Unlike other children musicians who focus on creating catchy tunes, the Roberelli team focuses on creating creatively intelligent music. This way, their music is both good to the ear, and has educational benefits for the children as well. They invite children to remember letters not with the mind alone, but with their bodies.

Studio Q has been working with the team from their first album, and our previous work with them includes website work, design work and a combination of pull ups, stickers, press kits for their events and concerts, and most importantly, the print work for their first album, “House on Wheels”.

Mr Roberelli's second album titled "Does the Bus Stop Here" has recently been released after a lot of hard work from our designers, print staff, and the talented artists from the Mr Roberelli team. Their latest album is just as good as the first, still very inspiring and should make an excellent addition to your music library.

For all their work, the clients wanted to focus heavily on the Mr Roberelli world that they had created and according to their wishes, we combined colourful images and animations to create an atmosphere, one that communicates nothing about the business, and all about Mr Roberelli.

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